Bad Credit Card Processing: What To Do?

With our increasingly busy days, we have acted on autopilot in many situations of our lives, among them, when paying our bills. Many times when we receive the invoice, we do not even notice an improper charge on the credit card.

Not counting the situations in which the invoice is already posed as automatic debit and we do not need to worry about the invoice that has arrived. The problem with this autopilot is that we missed the opportunity to watch over our money, checking to see if there were no undue charges on our bill.

Among the undue charges, we can cite a telephony or television subscription that came with a different value from the contractor and charges made repeatedly in any establishment.


Use the credit card without incurring debt

incurring debt

Another possibility of very common error may arise from the following situation. Imagine with me: you go out to eat pizza with friends, pass the value of the account on the credit card and go home, without even realizing that you did not check the amount paid in the box.

How many times have we not looked at the card machine just focusing on the numbers of the password?

The first tip to avoid undue charge on your credit card is always to pay some account, debit or credit, verify that the value entered on the card machine and checks with the total spent on the spot.


How to avoid undue charge on your credit card?

How to avoid undue charge on your credit card?

The problem is that even those who have this routine can be caught off guard by mistakes and even malice from institutions that are fortunate that the “mistake” is not discovered.

Therefore, when receiving your invoice, make a detailed review of the expenses and when checking some misunderstanding, know how to proceed:

  • The first step is to contact the credit card company’s service center, informing them of the undue payment.
  • Also ask to send a new invoice and note all service protocols for any confirmation needs.
  • Generally, when identifying the error, the credit card operator will refund the excess amounts charged, discounting the next invoices.
  • Pay the invoice sent in error if the operator does not issue another invoice in the agreed payment period, then fight for the refund. The Procons understand that you must pay and then discuss the charge.
  • If the operator does not recognize it as an error, it is indicated that the customer contacts the company that is charging for the service through the customer service. Good and honest companies often recognize their misconceptions and work swiftly to correct them.
  • Having clarified the values ​​and errors, the company itself will be responsible for the reversal that will be refunded in the next invoices.


What if you do not resolve the charge?

What if you do not resolve the charge?

If the complaint with the operator of the card or the company’s SAC is not resolved, you should contact the national regulatory agencies that organize some services such as telephony or in the companies’ ombudsmen and wait for the solution of the problem that does not should take longer than a week or two.

After all these attempts, there is still the judicial route. File a complaint with a consumer advocacy body or file a lawsuit.

In case of low values, a special court does not require a lawyer. In severe cases, hire a lawyer and be sure to fight for your rights. Are you planning on splitting your next invoice? Know the rules for credit card revolving credit and avoid debt.